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The Giving Tree is a closet at the Family Care Center where household and personal care items are stored to be delivered to young families in the community who need assistance in setting up new households. The families are being served by our partner agencies, the Family Care Center, The Nest, and One Parent Scholar House, as well as other organizations across our community. Agencies notify BFF of the specific needs of their clients, and we arrange pickup and/or delivery to the clients.

We have a steady need for personal care items, childcare items and other household supplies. Learn more about what is needed to help the Giving Tree impact even more families in the Bluegrass, as well as how you can make a donation here.

The Giving Tree served over 285 families in Fiscal Year 2022 thanks to the generosity of Meijer Reynold's Rd. & 2021 Giving Tuesday donors!

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